Thursday, September 12, 2013

Udaipur- a lovely historical place in india

The magnificent City Palace has an unrivalled position, overlooking Lake Pichola, and boasts not just exquisite paintings but some stunning mosaics of peacocks and brilliantly mirrored bed chambers. Wall tiles from as far afield as China and Delft tell of a proud dynasty with a culture that was sophisticated without being insular.
The lake is ringed by plump little hills, wreathed in mist. As the sun sets, the hills turn pink, then orange, then purple, before being swallowed up by night. The narrow streets of the old city have a lazy, somnolent quality. Shopkeepers lurk in the shadows, watching the world go by. A painted elephant plods past, eyes half shut.
Udaipur: An eternal melding of the ages, The Telegraph, 2 February 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plan your vacation at the planned city of La Plata

Also known as the City of Diagonals because of its many diagonal roads, La Plata is an ideal example of a planned metropolis. La Plata is the capital of the Buenos Aires province and is located only 56 km from the capital. The well planned city has many great public buildings and several green areas. In fact, there is a green area every seven blocks of the city, wherever you go. The planning of La Plata gives it a surreal feeling as any portion of the city looks similar to the tourist, thus giving an impression of moving in the crossroads of a gigantic puzzle.

Brisbane Wedding Venues for the Most Memorable Wedding

The hottest wedding trends in Australia for 2013 are to create a spectacular personal wedding day that is customized. More weddings are taking place at all in one wedding venues in the inner city. Unusual venues are also sought after such as warehouses, up market cafes and art galleries. 2013 will see more couples customizing their own vision and style. Wedding stylists are creating bespoke occasions and couples are also opting to create the wedding theme themselves including the bouquets and wedding dress. when it comes to bridal accessories and gowns, Australian brides are now adding crystal broaches, coloured belts and adding sleeves to an off the rack wedding gown. Bridesmaid can now also choose their own style of dress as long as it is in line with the colour scheme. 

Dalhousie Tourism Packages Offering the Perfect Package Deals

Tourism is a sector that is growing day by day. This sector has become quite large in India. A rapid growth in this industry is calculated since a long time. The more number of tourists means more inflow of money in the economy. This helps in the development of the locals of the country. Tourism also improves the chances of jobs and employment. India is at 5th position among the countries that grow rapidly in past some time. The growth of Indian as well as international tourists is increasing in India. This is a country of diversity but with a sort of unity. From north to south and east to west various India is divided into various states. Each of these states provides a different type of culture, nature, climate, and cuisine. The people who cannot afford a trip to another country can plan their trip within India. There are several states in India that are as beautiful as any foreign country. This attribute of natural beauty not only attracts Indian but also the international tourists.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Top Beautiful Island Destinations in Malaysia

If you're travelling to Malaysia during this summer holiday, you don't want to miss visiting some of the most beautiful islands in South East Asia located in Malaysia itself. Those sandy beaches and palm trees that you would normally dream of can become a reality once you set your foot on the paradise islands. 
Visiting these beautiful islands can be a perfect breakaway from your daily hectic office life. If you want to move away from visiting big cities and watching skyscrapers, Malaysia has more than enough islands to complete your dream vacation.

A Truly Royal Experience at Zanzibar Beach Resort

The Royal Zanzibar was designed to create a place for indulgence; it offers you a beautiful, & natural location, elegant architecture, and extreme privacy that is so much in demand by the vacationers. If you are bored of your daily routine and need an escape then this luxury hotel is always at your service. Spread over an area of 20 acres, it is a paradise on earth placed in the Northern shore of Zanzibar. It is an ideal location that can be visited at any day of the year as it remains sunny all round the year. 

AfroChic Kenya for a luxurious beach holiday

For the traveler to the idyllic coast of Kenya, AfroChic is the perfect place for indulging in the luxuries and comforts of a beach vacation. Situated in one of the finest properties on the Diani Beach to the south of the touristy area of Mombasa, AfroChic provides breathtakingly beautiful views of the ocean and the surrounding coastal landscape. 
As part of Africa's leading boutique hotel brand Elewana, AfroChic guarantees world-class amenities and services. The warmth and hospitality of the hotel staff combined with individualized service promises to make your vacation in AfroChic an experience of a lifetime.

Ghost Tours New Orleans : Enjoying a trip to this city

New Orleans is a city where you will have so many things to enjoy that you might fall short of time to take a trip of this place. Although, there are many people who are not able to explore the treasure that lies in this place, they will simply move around the city and visit some of the best places of sightseeing. However, if you are in this city already, you will enjoy the ghost tours New Orleans. The city has a rich history and the architecture that you will find in this city is simply wonderful. There are so many tours and traveling destinations that you will get in this city that you have to find more time to enjoy.

Backwaters in Alleppey

I would like to share my experience in Backwaters in Alleppey. The actual plan was to cover entire Kerala but after lots of research we decided to explore only Alleppey and places near to it. I guess this was the best decision of our life as we get to experience some of the best things in world. One couldn't feel the exact beauty of the place just by reading or seeing the images of the places. You have to be there to experience the beauty. If we had decided to explore entire Kerala, we would have surely missed these special moments. Since it was our first visit to this place we decided to book our accommodations online way before we started the journey. We had book Panoramic sea resort as it was within our budget and it provided the facilities which included Backwaters services by resort.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Travels and Tours - Must See Capitals

The best destinations in the world include New York, Amsterdam, Paris, and many more. Why visit them? Well, you have to because they are the best capitals of their nations and they are the centers of trade, fashion, culture, arts, and sciences. Also, they contain their respective country's most important and epic histories that have defined and shaped them as independent nations. 
New York, a "must see" place, is considered to be one of the capitals where the fashion industry, competitive jobs, and freedom of expression thrive. There are about 26 and more attractions in this place alone such as the Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn Brewery Tours, Central Park, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and much more. People have different tastes when it comes to fashion especially the New Yorkers. Most of them love to show off their Guccis, Pradas, Chanels, and Vera Wangs.

Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals, Fl

Adjacent to the town of Bradenton off Florida's Gulf Coast, Anna Maria Island provides a unique holiday environment and is a sanctuary for people seeking a relaxing and rewarding break. With year round sunshine and an average temperature of over 70 degrees, the island welcomes visitors throughout the year and sees many guests return time and time again.
Spanning over seven miles, Anna Maria Island offers a variety of different attractions for vacationers and residents alike. The average sea temperatures of 80 degrees mean water sports are a popular choice for those seeking action and adventure. Visitors can choose from snorkelling, diving and sailing or visit Cortez Village and try their hand at jet skiing and parasailing. Guests are welcome to bring boats to the island or can rent a vessel during their stay. Tourists love to relax whilst cruising around the island stopping at one of the many renowned waterside restaurants.

Top 5 most Beautiful Icebergs

Ice bergs are one of the most breathtaking and mesmerizing creation of Mother Nature. It was year 1912 AD, when the crashing of gigantic ship named "Titanic" bestowed them with worldwide attention. Icebergs are actually blocks of fresh-water ice, that breaks off from glaciers and float out to sea. Scientists have cautioned us long ago, that this stunning and awesome natural creation could disappear due to human negligence, industrial waste and pollution. To know more about this beautiful creation, we have below compiled a list of Top 5 most beautiful icebergs of the world

Important factor of Kilimanjaro climb

Climbing mt Kilimanjaro is a one time in a life span experience. It's a journey which requires a speculation in training, time and money and must be cautiously evaluated. Since it's obligatory to decide a Kilimanjaro Guide to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, selecting the correct trip company for your hike will be the most significant conclusion you make. It can denote the difference between a painful journey with a failed effort and an astonishing knowledge with a victorious peak. Tanzania is a fraction of the world you are almost certainly unknown with and Kilimanjaro may be the uppermost peak you will ever mount. Uncertainty and the mysterious can be put to relax by selecting the right direct company for you, your circumstances and your budget.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paris-Discover the Romantic City

The magnificence of Paris, its architectural work, art, monuments, museums, history and culture gives every visitor a treasured experience. Every nook and corner of the city is full of life, beauty and narrates the stories of history. In this fascinating city places to see and things to do are limitless but here are some attractions that must not be missed in a visit to the most romantic city. Make sure you visit the city with City Discovery coupons to have the best deals at affordable prises.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Fast Facts About Matabungkay Beach

Whether you're going on a Matabungkay Beach Resort day tour or an extended stay, you should know these facts about your holiday destination:
Matabungkay is one of the nearest white-sand beaches to Manila.
It's only around 120 kilometers – a 2-hour trip – from the capital. Compare that to the beaches in Anda, Pangasinan (300 kilometers, around 5-6 hours of travel), or Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte (around 500 kilometers, 8-9 hours of driving). It's no wonder that Matabungkay Beach remains a popular destination among holiday-goers from Manila.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Best Deal: Customize your Indonesia Tour Package

With numerous year round attractions for its visitors as reef snorkelling, diving surfing cultural sights and of course sun tanning on the White Sea beaches, makes Indonesia Tour Package: The Best Deal for the tourists.  With world class sea gardens and tge reefs and the smiling people make Indonesia the most complex single nation in the world, and one of the finest destinations to be travelled on the earth. Visit Tanah Lot to have a glimpse of the picturesque sunset, elephant rides, Bali dance show, monkey forests, are the prime attractions for the tourists across the globe. Ubud, known for shopping and Kuat for night life and shopping have a flock of tourists is a center of attraction from national and international level round the year.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Most Preferred Indian Honeymoon Destinations

Are you looking for the best honeymoon destinations in Asia? If you are looking forward to serene Indian beaches, Kerala can be a good option. This is one of the best honey moon destinations in India. Besides newly married couples of India, many foreign honeymooners also select Kerala as their most preferred honeymoon destination.
India is a multicultural land. Besides that the sub continent is blessed with enchanting geographical excellence. While the Himalayas are crowning Indian peninsular; the three seas namely the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean are washing the feet of this great country. India is thus a proud possessor of great geography.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kolad: Be One with Nature!

If you are fed up of rushing, maddening city life, if too much of polluted air has started blocking your lungs and you want to head for some peaceful abode then think no further! Just Go to Kolad! This small beautiful village with its simple hospitable people will embrace you wholeheartedly. Situated in Raigad District of Mahrashtra state, this small village is blessed with various boons of the Mother Nature. The place has a lot on the palate for nature lovers as well as adventurers. One of the main attractions here that will capture your attention is KundalikaRiver. The river is kept ever flowing by the water released by the nearby dams. This perhaps, the fastest flowing river isSouth India, is an ideal location for showing your adventurous skills. It is also a preferred location for White Water River Rafting, the out worldly pleasure of which cannot be expressed in words. Besides a considerable stretch of exciting rapids (whopping 14 kms!) gives you complete 1 and a half hour of he unique experience of white water rafting. The pleasure of river rafting is at its height especially in the monsoons when the water levels are very high. A word of caution though! Rafting, or any water sports for that matter, is not for everybody. You will need a lot of courage and bravery along with the adventurous spirit.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Singapore's Top 5 Museums

Fashionistas and shopaholics have been trooping to Singapore for years, lured by its many shopping malls that offer every brand, and labels that fulfill the (shopaholics') hearts' desires. But while I do enjoy shopping, I don't relish the idea of going to penury just to pay for a huge credit card bill. There are other ways of enjoying Singapore.So instead of heading to the malls, I often go to Singapore's museums.They are the best in Asia, benefiting not only from the government's vast resources (this wealthy country is competing with Hong Kong to be Asia's art center) and the the city's state fondness for organization and efficiency. That may be boring, but it has nevertheless produced well curated art spaces. All of Singapore's museums are accessible through public transport, air-conditioned, and have wheelchair accessible facilities, restrooms and souvenir shops.Best of all, given that Singapore is one of Asia's most expensive cities, . And some days, you can even go to the museums for free!So when you're in Singapore, try visiting:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sites and Attractions along the Pacific Coast Near Paramount

Manhattan Beachis located just 30 minutes northwest ofParamountand is home to several great Pacific attractions including the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium. This large aquarium can be found on the Manhattan Beach Pier. Here, you can get an up-close look at native marine life and see lots of different exhibits as well as experience hands-on exhibits all of which help explain the importance of the ecology of the Pacific Ocean. While it is free to get in, there is a suggested donation between $2 and $5. Also important to note is that the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium is only open weekdays from 3pm until sunset and on weekends from 10am until sunset.